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Ûzage is a small company that designs , manufactures and sells innovative products.
All products are designed * at home . Customer service is unique because customized and quick.
The company offers high quality products at competitive prices.
The client has a simple shopping experience where he feels respected and appreciated.


  Pour2pieds Legs Warmers

These are clothing accessories with many utilities.
They give protection for the knees when a child crawling and are usefull
under the pants for outdoor activities. They give an aesthetic contribution.
Can wear in legs and arms as well. So much for babies, children and adults.
Pour2pieds leggings stand apart from their competitors on several points:

-Price much lower (45%)

-Come in different sizes

-Made in Quebec *, by a mom at home WAHM

-Postage-very affordable

* Exception the "imp" leg warmers, imported from Asia.

  Pour2tranches reusables wraps

Green alternative to plastic bags. Made with fabric and a plastic membrane, the envelope can be cleaned with a damp cloth. Once unfolded, it became a practice mat! Available in two sizes: Sandwich envelope and snack bag.