Frais de poste fixe 3$


How to get products

Our products have two distribution paths:

1.You can order directly from us
a) From this website. Just fill the shopping cart and follow the instructions.
b) By visiting the workshop-boutique in St-Hyacinthe. See the page "Home".

2. By visiting one of our retailers. See "Where to buy".

Shipping costs

NEW: Shipping costs are now fixed at $ 2.00, regardless of the number of items ordered!
Across Canada. For international orders, see below.
We do not charge handling. Usually we send orders in letter format by Canada Post.
We can send by parcel, if requested, and give you a tracking number and an insurance,
with extra charge.

It is also possible to pick up your order at the factory.
We are in Saint-Hyacinthe (QC)

In the case of an order for more than three products, we often pack in two envelopes.
As the post operates under weight, the rate is therefore specific to each product.

Ordering from outside Canada

We accept international orders. We are always proud to know that our products are used in other countries.

Modes de paiement Payment Methods

Several payment methods are accepted as Paypal, AccesD, check or cash.
You will have the description of their operation when you conclude your order.
In the case of international orders, only Paypal is accepted as payment.


All prices are in Canadian currency. We accept international orders.
In this case, Paypal who will change depending on currency rates.
You can always use a currency converter as for an approximate price in your currency.

Size Guide

20cm 0-6months
25cm 4-12 months
35cm 1-3 years or so, or on the arm to the elbow (adult)
50cm 3-99 years

You understand that here are some suggestions of greatness,
because it depends on the size of the person and the way that the pad is worn.
Thus, a leg of 35 cm to make a baby of three months, but will fold,
while 20 cm is more aesthetic. This is all a matter of taste.


-Mini-series: Perfect for 0-3months.

-Mention (Narrow): Suggested for children under 18 months. Avoid if baby is very chubby.

-imp : Elastics tighter, avoid if baby is very chubby.

-The 20-cm can be worn throughout childhood, under / over trousers to cut the air.

Textile fibers used

-We prefer cotton for our products. Cotton is a natural textile fiber.
Solid, it remains beautiful even after many washings. Its finish is soft and silky.
In addition to clothing, it allows good air circulation.

The pads contain a small percentage of Spandex.
Also known as elastane, it allows the fabric to be elastic and comfortable.
Some pads contain polyester.
Synthetic textile fiber, we always ensure its quality before using it.
Renewable natural source it grows without the need for many chemicals.
Its finish is particularly silky, soft and supple.